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Covid-19 Measures

From ground operations to top management, our teams have been fully trained and informed on the proper preventive methods, and adopted the highest sanitation measures, in order to ensure the safety of our team, our customers, along with their families and loved ones. Those measures are closely following the COVID-19 guideline distributed through the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), in alignment with the guidelines shared by national authorities.

We have ensured that our offices, staff accommodations, warehouses, vehicles and equipment are up to the highest standards of cleaning and hygiene through daily disinfection, and full training to all the team members in order to follow the proper guidelines and practices, along with being equipped with knowledge and required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


Preventive Actions in Office

1. Place alcohol(60-95%) based hand sanitizers and dispensers in the office

2. Put tissue box in all locations inside the office.

3. Place sanitizers in the office and wet wipes at the reception and other common areas

4. Provide disinfectant wipes to each unit and make mandatory to clean work space before and at the time of leaving

5. Provide facemask for slightly sick, sneezing and coughing staffs

6. Implement strict social distancing procedures and avoid any proximate physical interactions

7. Minimize number of visitors into the office

8. Group activities are suspended until further notice

9. Personnel and professional travel are suspended until further notice

10. Temperature check for employees when entering the office using laser thermometer at reception

11. Increase the frequency of office cleaning

12. Covid-19 awareness emails, posters

13. Provide paper cups/ plate in the pantry – avoid sharing cups and plates

14. Clean the door handles with disinfectant spray every 2 hours

15. Assign COVID-2019 officers for all the locations

16. Preparedness plan from all the units for remote work system


Preventive Actions in Labour Camps

1. Labour camps room to be disinfected twice a day

2.Designated bottle for each vehicle (Team Leader will do the disinfection) before dispatching

3. Install hand sanitizers and enough supply of soaps in dispatching centers across UAE and sanitizers for vehicles


4. Provide tissue box & disposable bags to all rooms


5. No visitors policy to be implemented


6. Temperature check for employees when entering and leaving the camp using laser thermometer at dispatching center


7. Request the camp maintenance team to increase the frequency of cleaning the camp


8. All uniforms after work to be washed on the same day


9. Daily sanitization of tools and equipment


10. Frequent (every 1-2) hours sanitization of Mobile Tabs


11. Awareness training to all ground staffs across all locations


12. Safety posters to be displayed in the camp


13. Provide enough supplies for Personnel Protective Equipment (facemask, gloves)